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Velocity is Active Wellness

Rejuvenation • Refreshment • Relaxation


Velocity aquabike is a uniquely French wellness experience combining jacuzzi spa technology and cycling immersed in water. Experience the pleasures and benefits of working out in a weightless environment.

Each exquisitely furnished cabin features a single freestanding, state-of-the-art aquabike engineered in France and packed with innovative features.

Shown to reduce cellulite and thigh dimples, and burn calories more efficiently than traditional cycling, Velocity aquabikes are also designed to optimize your workout by maintaining your body temperature through temperature-controlled water.

Featuring 26 jacuzzi spa-grade jets, each aquabike workout also includes a vigorous jet massage that helps boost blood and lymphatic circulation that will leave your legs feeling light, supple, and fully relaxed.

Additional Velocity aquabikes features include oxygenated, ozone-infused water to detoxify your skin, and soothing chromotherapy to calm your mind - all while you effortlessly burn off 300 - 500 calories!

With six private cabins and a fully integrated real-time booking system, an aquabike session at Velocity is just a few clicks or a phone call away.

30 minutes exclusive experience is all you need to feel like a new person.


Japanese Sauna

Enhance your immune system and fortify your body's own natural defenses with Velocity's Japanese sauna. Our Japanese sauna device treatment offers scientifically proven results in the 3 following areas: DETOX, WEIGHT LOSS and ANTI-AGEING.

Each Japanese Sauna session uses the latest infrared spa technology to heat and warm the body, triggering the body's natural purification process and removing toxins through sweat, resulting in healthy weight loss and cell regeneration.

A perfect extension to your aquabike session, each Japanese sauna session lasts 30 minutes and takes place in a private cabin - guaranteed to leave you fully relaxed and revitalized.



The first of its kind in Hong Kong and Asia, Velocity Studio is a revolutionary new wellness concept combining the benefits of aquabike, Japanese sauna, and cutting edge technology from France - to help you achieve balance, rejuvenation, and relaxation in body and mind.

  • Convenient location - get away from the office and unwind!
  • Simple and flexible real-time online booking
  • Single and duo cabins - cycle in private or work out with a friend via connected cabins.
  • Effortless and easy workouts
  • 30 minutes is all you need to feel completely refreshed.

Solo aquabike is fast becoming one of the most popular wellness activities around the world, and with Velocity it's no surprise why:

  • It's easy and highly effective. Exercising in water - combined with jet massages, and passive water resistance
  • Reduce water retention in your legs.
  • Workout minus the sweat. Water is kept comfortably cool. Don't worry about messing up your hair and make-up!
  • Revitalise your skin with oxygenated water.
  • Build cardio endurance for your heart and lung.
  • Forget bulky gym wear and crowded showers. All you need is a swimsuit - just towel off after your workout and get on with your schedule. Of course, if you'd prefer a shower we have those too!


Modern women who are looking for balance and a healthier lifestyle!

Whether you like to gently burn away calories on the weekends, or push yourself to your physical limits, or simply to getaway from the stresses of the city for some much needed Rest & Relaxation a Velocity aquabike or Japanese sauna session is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Velocity Studio is perfect for women who want:

  • To tone, shape, and trim cellulite
  • To escape from the crowded work environment for a short (and healthy!) breather
  • To ease away those 'heavy' legs
  • A quick and gentle but highly effective cardio exercise
  • An ideal exercise for post natal recovery
  • To recover from a leg or ankle injury
  • A great way to maintain and build fitness
  • A refreshing alternative to their daily workout
  • To kickstart with a healthy lifestyle!
  • To detoxify the body and mind

Developed in France

Each cabin features a single freestanding, state-of-the-art aquabike designed and engineered in France, and packed with innovative features.


  • 26 jacuzzi jets massage your lower back, thighs, calves, and buttocks while you cycle
  • Target specific muscle areas with 10 lateral jets and 16 front / back jets
  • Customise your massage with 2 firmness settings


  • Each aquabike is systematically sterilized before and after every session by our trained staff.
  • Water is drained and then refilled with new ozone sterilized water for every session
  • Adjustable bike saddle to ensure jacuzzi jets are always positioned for maximum comfort and effectiveness
  • Water level automatically fills up to waist level once you're ready and settled in
  • Ergonomic bike saddle designed for maximum comfort, safety, and support
  • Innovative chromotherapy uses colors and light to rebalance your energy and mood


  • Audio devices are available
  • User-friendly touch screen to easily manage your workout
  • Customize your workout with 10 difficulty settings, ranging from easy to challenging level
  • Keep track of your RPM, calories burned, heart rate, and other vitals
  • Monitor your progress and view a summary of your workout

Why we love aquabike

  • Anti-cellulite

    Aquabike is a highly effective method in reducing cellulite and everyone's dreaded "orange peel skin". See what doctors say about the benefits of aquabike.

  • Lighten those legs

    Aquabike reduces water retention in your legs. You'll immediately feel lighter and more relaxed.

  • Burn more calories

    Aquabike has been shown to burn more calories faster than traditional cycling.