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Nature’s Spa by Jurlique

Jurlique started with a dream: to connect people back to nature.

From the peaceful and absolutely pristine Adelaide Hills, Nature’s Spa by Jurlique is an ultimate retreat into nature with great convenience access in hustling Causeway Bay. Located high up inside a landmark, Nature’s Spa by Jurlique provides exclusive treatments including private hydrotherapy and treatment rooms over-looking the million-dollar Victoria Harbour View.

Thanks to pure skin care, intensified by science, Jurlique Spa experience evokes a world surrounded by nature. The therapists work with you to tailor a treatment to deeply revitalize your skin and your spirits.
This is your time. To stop. To breathe. To just be. An escape to Jurlique’s world to help you reconnect with yours.

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Sally Shi Po Poon (Registered Dietitian)

Registered Dietitian (UK) , Accredited Practising Dietitian (Australia), BSc Nutrition (King’s College, London), Master of Nutrition & Dietetics (The University of Sydney, Australia) , Sports Nutrition (HKUSPACE).

As a private dietitian, Sally takes a holistic, sustainable approach to coach her clients. She examines her clients’ health history, medical conditions, medications, body weight and composition, as well as diet history to determine the best treatment plans for them. She tailors unique meal plans that suit their metabolic rate, nutritional requirements, eating habit and lifestyle. She sees it as her mission to provide nutrition services that are not only bespoke but also innovative.

Sally firmly believes that foods should be enjoyable, diets should be sustainable, and real food in balanced amounts is the best way to optimal health. That is why many clients who approached her with a goal for weight loss are surprised to see that in their journey to wellness with Sally, they acquire the means to resolve their health problems and to keep good health. Her nutritional knowledge has been featured over a hundred times in local and overseas newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

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Troy Sing (Chinese Medicine Practitioner of Qi Beauty)

Troy is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who has extensive training in traditional and modern medicine. A graduate of one of the first Chinese Medicine Programs to enter the University graduate level in Australia (1988), he has also completed post-graduate studies at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China; and Master of Science (Physiology) at the University of Hong Kong.

Troy has held the post of Honorary Lecturer and Course co-ordinator for the Certificate/Diploma course in Acupuncture at the University of Hong Kong’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Department (S.P.A.C.E); and is a Past-President of the Hong Kong Medical Acupuncture Association (2001-03).

His publications include ‘The Analgesic Mechanisms of Acupuncture’, Journal of Chinese Medicine, 1996; and Qi: Chinese Medicine Secrets to health and Vitality (2005). Specialty research interests include fertility, gynecology, muscular skeletal pain management and anti-ageing therapies. Troy is currently Medical Director at Health Wise CMC Ltd (Hong Kong) and Director of Research with URBAL Ltd.

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Mr. Green Juice

Founded in 2014, Mr. Green Juice is Hong Kong’s first 100% organic cold-pressed juicery. Mr. Green Juicery believes in providing the best tools to kickstart a healthy life without sacrificing flavour – resulting in cold-pressed juices, nut milks, soups and salads that are not only delicious but also raw and vegan friendly.

Mr. Green Juicery is committed to using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to create their signature juices. The fruits and veggies used are the freshest, most succulent and most wholesome available. And to do them justice, they employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that the purest juice possible is extracted, with the highest density of nutrients and flavor.

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