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Selected wellness products and gifts

Our boutique at the studio brings together a selection of
the finest wellness products.

Lierac Cosmetics

For over 40 years, Lierac Cosmetics has been a leading French dermo-cosmetic brand specializing in anti-aging products. Founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician, Lierac has built its reputation on skincare and cosmetic products of the highest calibre, using all-natural plant-based extracts and super-activated complexes with some of the highest concentrations of active ingredients in the market. Phytolastil by Lierac remains one of the best known anti-stretch marks ranges available, a French beauty secret that is still passed down from mother to daughter and among friends.

Maison Caulières

For more than 250 years, the Caulières family has been carefully cultivating the same source of plants at the Desforges de Caulières estate; and through know-how meticulously passed down through each generation – beautiful sunflower, rapeseed and linseed plants are made into the exquisite line of French skincare and bodycare products known to the world as Maison Caulières.


Acclaimed by athletes of all levels across a wide range of sports including cycling, running, cross-country skiing, and even golf – Ceramiq is a performance wear brand specializing in technical multisport base layers. All Ceramiq product lines employ its proprietary Gold Reflect Line ceramic technology – a textile combination of thirty metal oxides extracted from volcanic rock, heated to 1,600°C, and mixed with a polyurethane binder – resulting in performance wear that is lightweight, versatile, breathable – and exceptionally comfortable.

Mr. Green Juice

Founded in 2014, Mr. Green Juice is Hong Kong’s first 100% organic cold-pressed juicery. Mr. Green Juicery believes in providing the best tools to kickstart a healthy life without sacrificing flavour – resulting in cold-pressed juices, nut milks, soups and salads that are not only delicious but also raw and vegan friendly.
Mr. Green Juicery is committed to using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to create their signature juices. The fruits and veggies used are the freshest, most succulent and most wholesome available. And to do them justice, they employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that the purest juice possible is extracted, with the highest density of nutrients and flavor.
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KeepFit by BV Sport

KeepFit is a line of innovative anti-cellulite sport leggings by BV Sport – designed to reduce stretch marks and cellulite deposits. Applying patented, custom-designed mesh fabric, KeepFit sport leggings are designed to reproduce palpating-rolling massage effects as you move and exercise, accelerating the reduction of cellulite and eliminating fat deposits!
Beautifully designed, and exquisitely made – KeepFit leggings can be worn under normal clothing or as sports leggings.


Established in 1849 in Grasse on the French Riviera, Molinard is known for the strong identity and sophistication of its fragrances, and artistic design of its bottles. Each line of fragrance bottles is crafted by famed glass makers such as Lalique, Viard or Baccarat. Launched in 1921, Molinard’s most well-known perfume, Habanita, remains a landmark fragrance in French perfumery – a provocative celebration of the modern woman.


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